My journey to developing a co-working space started over a decade ago when I bought a pub. I had no intention of buying a pub but I was six months into my first business and we desperately needed space to build a commercial photographic studio.

We looked at dozens of properties to rent but none of them were quite right. I then had a conversation with the manager of our local bar who said that they weren’t going to be renewing the lease and the owner wanted to sell the freehold.

I knew the pub well and the space was amazing, with high ceilings, it had been a part of a former Victorian bank, it would be perfect as a photographic/design studio.

The problem was the company was the less than a year old so we weren’t in a position to borrow enough money, so I took a deep breath, took out a scarily large personal loan and bought the building myself. It took three months to convert into a state-of-the-art commercial photographic/design studio, but more importantly it was a place and environment that people loved working in and clients loved visiting.

Ten years later I sold the company and was left with a beautiful building that was far too big for my next venture, so I took on tenants and moved out.

This left me with a new business idea but no office, so I started working from home. The days were long and the fridge became my best friend so I ended up talking to myself and becoming somewhat larger.

Enter the world of co-working. I found a space with a great mix of people, I had like-minded colleagues to talk too and spent considerably less time visiting the fridge. However, the actual space didn’t quite work for me, it was cold in the winter and the facilities were basic – I didn’t love being at work.

I’ve subsequently experienced co-working spaces throughout the UK and Europe and although there are some amazing places, I couldn’t find one that took me back to the atmosphere that we created when we converted the pub. It had the comfort of being at home but the benefits of being part of a creative community where collaboration led to award winning work.

So, when it was time to have my own space again I wanted to create a space that felt intimate, encouraged collaboration and helped to establish a creative and entrepreneurial community – I wanted to love being at work again.

The renovation work started at the beginning of November 2018 and we officially opened at the beginning of May 2019.

We’d love to show you around and the kettle is always on, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact and book your free trial.

Welcome to Klabs™

Grant, Founder